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Up-2-Scratch - Mobile Vehicle Repair Services

Alloy Wheels

Wheels are one of the most attractive parts of the car and the easiest to damage. Kerbed and scuffed alloys if left un-repaired can result in the spread of oxidation leading to more expensive repairs at a later date. Using the latest machine on the market we remove the wheels from the car repair them on-site restoring even gauged wheels to their original factory finish - at a location of your choosing at well below body shop prices.

Scratches & Chips

Scuffs - During its life time a car will pick up fine and minor scuffs, not only are these unsightly but they can devalue the car.

A lot of this damage looks worse than it is and can be dealt with by using simple inexpensive techniques where we will repair the scratch or scuff, not the entire panel, increasing the value and the look of the car.

Scratches - Only the scratched area itself is repaired and not the entire panel. Using the colour code from your car we can mix the paint to match the exact colour of your car. The scratch is sanded and/or filler/primer applied to re-instate the damaged surface to its true level. The area is then re-coloured, lacquered and blended into the adjacent panel area to provide a near perfect match to the factory finish each time.

Bumper Repairs

Repairing and painting bumpers is one of the most common jobs we undertake for customers. At some point in our lives most drivers have had the misfortune of scraping a bumper on a wall edge or by cracking or splitting the bumper whilst trying to get out of a tight parking space. You might have a painted plastic bumper or a textured bumper, Up-2-Scratch are pleased to confirm that we are fully trained to repair either and bring them back to their original finish….at a cost that will leave you with money in your pocket!

Glass Repair

A small chip in a windscreen can often be repaired, thus saving the expense of paying out for a new windscreen which can often run into hundreds of pounds. Using hi-tech polyresin and a specialist vacuum pump, chips in windscreens can be easily repaired - restoring 100% strength and improving the appearance - vital for safety and in some cases M.O.T passes. As a rule of thumb, the size of the chip or bulls eye to be repaired should be no bigger than a 50p piece, if it is larger than this we would recommend a replacement windscreen.

Interior Repairs

Interior plastics and leather upholstery/door trim and dashboards which have become worn, torn or have mobile phone holders in can easily be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new part. Special repair procedures and materials are utilised to repair minor splits, tears and holes in plastics and leather.

All trim repairs can be carried out in hours rather than days at a fraction of replacement cost and can be applied at a location as requested by you.

Fleet Repairs

Have you ever sent your vehicles back to your car lease supplier and received bills for minor scratches and scuffs? If you have and would like to avoid this overpriced cost get them repaired by Up-2-Scratch before they go back and we will surprise you with the saving. So If you manage a fleet from 5 – 500 vehicles, call Robert Hawes today on 07850506662 and he will discuss in further detail our de-fleet programme.


Up-2-Scratch work closely with a number of vehicle dealerships responding to their requirements for cosmetic repair on vehicles. We take a unique approach to understanding dealerships needs that can include scheduled visits, trade discounts, credit facilities for invoicing and a dedicated Account Manager.

Our technicians will arrive punctual, uniformed and all repairs will also be covered by a one-year guarantee. We always strive to achieve the highest quality of service with the intention of building a strong working relationship for the future. If you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact Robert Hawes on 07850506662 whom will be delighted to explain our dealership programme in more depth.

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