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Salt - Interesting Facts

  • Roman soldiers were sometimes paid in salt - which is where the word 'salary' comes from. Difficult to spend it in restaurants today though.
  • Every cell in the body contains salt - an adult contains about 250 grammes, equivalent to a  box of Maldon Salt.
  • In old Japanese theatres, salt was sprinkled on to the stage before each performance to prevent evil spirits from casting a spell on the actors. Sprinkling salt around your home may have the same effect today.
  • Salt is used to remove traces of water from aviation fuel after it is purified.
  • At one time salt bars were the standard currency of Ethiopia. It’s still worth taking a pack of Maldon, for emergencies.
  • Salt was used to preserve Egyptian mummies (and in the pies eaten by Egyptian daddies).
  • Salt removes red wine stains (though probably not from your best cream carpet).
  • Sodium is key in the operation of all signals within, as well as to and from, the brain.
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