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Maldon Salt Products - Where to buy

Maldon Salt Products - Where to Buy

Hello globe, Maldon calling. By accident rather than design, we’ve created a sort of world salt service with a network of hand-picked distributors who now sell our sea salt flakes from Belgium to Bahrain, Mexico to Malaysia and 41 other countries in between. Imagine the joy in Toronto and Taipei as the latest Maldon salt shipment arrives, rescuing food from the clutches of dull.

Being British we glow (rather than gloat) with pride, as rave reviews drift back across the oceans. And it seems international chefs and foodies are just as keen as their UK cousins to name Maldon as their salt of choice.

If you are one of the latter, you will find Maldon stocked in thousands of shops here, from independents, delis and farm shops, to most supermarkets and the poshest of food halls. If in doubt about where to go, contact us at info@maldonsalt.co.uk or fill in the form to the left and we’ll point you in the salt direction.

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